Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) is a Non-political, non-profit and Non-Government Voluntary Development Organization formed with the initiatives of a few committed and dedicated social workers and philanthropists. Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) established in 2001 with an aim to promoting human and socio-economical development for the under privileged people living in rural area. To achieve the aim, we organizes the rural people who are living in poverty to improve their livelihood. This organization initiated by some like-minded development patrons, for the enlistment of the socio- economic condition of rural & urban communities as well as dissemination of information about development.

The philosophy of the organization is based on the conviction the paramount need of the men/women/ Children both urban and rural is not relief but release from the prison of poverty, Its main focus is to promote the socio-economic conditions of the under-privileged, distillates landless and economically poor people especially women through Organization, Education, Training, Participation and joint activities.




Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) dreams of a society where without any discrimination and division of sex, caste, color, the people will enjoy full dignity and enable themselves to be involved an participate in the mainstream development for sustainability and empowerment.




The goal of Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) is to improve the socio-economic status of the   disadvantaged people. To Promote the Socio-economic status of under privileged men/ women/ youth/  children both urban and rural through motivation, peoples organization, non-formal education, training and mobilizing available resources, i.e. manpower, water and soil. To achieve the aims Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) focuses on 2 fundamental inter-related objectives, which are alleviation of property and empowerment to powerless people.


Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) works with people whose lives are dominated by extreme poverty, illiteracy, disease and handicaps. With multifaceted development intervention Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) strives to bring about positive change in the quality of live of the poor people of its working areas. Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) desire to make the organization financially and structurally strong ensuring optimum utilization of public and private resources as well as collecting resources from internal and external sources. Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) is committed to ensure peoples participation, develop participatory decision making process and implementation for the environment friendly socioeconomic development of the targeted people, improving quality of work and mobilize peoples support for reaching the goal are the mission of Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS).



The objectives of Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) are to-

  • To raise awareness on moral and legal rights and undertake of adequate arrangement protecting these rights within the community.
  • To provide financial and technical support to enhance capacity and create employment opportunity among destitute and landless people.
  • To ensure basic right of poor and vulnerable children, person with disability and lagged section of the community.
  • To create appropriate atmosphere of women empowerment through building up a better gender relation and implement the social economic and human rights of women,
  • To take primary care of health of rural mass and help to build happy family.
  • To increase Literacy rate of the community people.
  • To ensure Employment creation through need base IGA program.
  • To develop Water & Sanitation facilities in the project area.
  • To ensure Human Rights among the community people.
  • To increase Social forestation.
  • To develop Sound environmental situation in the project area.
  • To establish Social justice in the community level.
  • To reduction the poverty alleviation of disadvantage rural & urban people.
  • To change the socio-economic condition of disadvantage rural & urban people.
  • To reduce social diseases like divorce, acid throwing, tender age marriage, and torture through increase the awareness and to established Indigenous peoples right.



Core Values:

Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) fosters up the values itself as follows:

  • Justice: We are the supporters of all justice and are struggling for it.
  • Honesty and Integrity: We keep own honesty to all principles of organization and pay integrity to the interest of Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS).
  • Gender equity: We try to respect of each other and believe that the women folk are human being too. They have equal rights as human being.
  • Transparency and accountability : We have no confusion in transparency and accountability to the people we work for and with whom.
  • Responsiveness: We are responsive to the peoples need and aspiration of local communities.



Organizational Culture:

  • Cost effectiveness : We are conscious about cost in case of personal life and organization. We believe too, cost effectiveness prevents the waste of wealth.
  • Cross communication and line decision: We promote communication across at any hierarchy within the organization but right and respective person makes decision.
  • Family friendliness: We think Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) is a family all concerned with Rupashi Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (RBUS) are closed member of the family.
  • Mutual respect: We are aware of paying respect to our partner, Stakeholder and colleagues.
  • Culture and Environment friendliness:  We retention the positive elements of all culture and strive to keep the balance of ecology.
  • Nature critique and learn from others: We are not afraid of critique from counterpart and learn from it.


Working Principles:

  • Unity: This is our pledge to keep unity among us and within the society. This will enable us to do thing at challenging situation.
  • Team Work: We work in team sprit to serve the community and always try to be a responsible team leader on behalf respective team.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Creativity is our inherent will and innovation is our difference.
  • Extent: We are latest, progressive and worldwide in context of thinking and notion, but localized in program operation.
  • Empowerment: We believe in all form of empowerment of poor, neglected and vulnerable people. We therefore play a catalyst role for their empowerment.
  • Position: We hold our position in favor of poor and marginalized people and towards their wider interest.
  • Sense of Responsibility: Carrying out of respective responsibility allocated by the organization is our pledge. This way, we ensure our social liability/ obligation.
  • Discipline, Participation and Cooperation: Discipline is a door to reach at the goal participation is the process of it and the cooperation expedites our movement.

To whom and how the organization is accountable:

This organization has an approved constituency to regulate and maintain all sorts of activities. It has a general body, which is mainly responsible to the government as well as the development partner and beneficiaries. There is an executive committee to govern all the activities taken as development initiatives. Executive committee is accountable to the general body. Executive Director is the member secretary of this committee he has to design, implement and handle all the income and expenditure related works. He is accountable to the executive committee and he has to ensure all the necessary to the target groups for his activities too. On the other hand the EC has 07 members elected from GC. Every 03 (Three) years, the general council members elect the EC by direct votes